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CORDON is one of best speed enforcement systems in the world and we believe this because CORDON can measure the speed of all vehicles in 3 lanes individually and also it can recognize all plates simultaneously.
The “CORDON” multi-target photo radar system is designed for automatic detection of speed violations and transfer of violation data to the police back office..

The key feature of the “CORDON” is its ability to simultaneously monitor vehicle speeds of both oncoming and outgoing vehicles in up to four lanes of contiguous traffic. This is accomplished using a single Photo Radar sensor.

There are two video clips that demonstrate the CORDON's capabilities: one-way and two-way trafficcontrol.
“CORDON” is installed on the roadside at the distance of 1-4 meters from roadway. Speed sensor is mounted on any fixed structures (street-lighting poles, advertizing bulletins, etc.) at the height 5 - 10 meters using specialized pan-and-tilt mounting bracket.

The sensor automatically measures speeds of all vehicles in enforcement zone and records a pair of images for every violator:

•    Wide-angle image of all targets within the camera field of view, with the violator clearly identified.
•    A close-up image of each violator with a clearly visible license plate.
The violation data is saved to memory card and can be transferred to Police back office for further processing.      Data transfer can be performed in several ways:
•    Permanent Ethernet connection – wired connection or fiber optic communication line.
•    Secure wireless communication channels (3G, Wi¬ Fi).

We are exclusive representative of Simicon Company and we can offer , install and support this product in UAE and IRAN.



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