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Automatic recording of unauthorized speed violation (as the main cause of accident and damages) is one of the main requirements for security and traffic management system across cities and routs. The main reason for system popularity is the lack of human interaction through recording and supervision process.

The Hooshmand Namaye Afraz's FSC radar is designed based on 24GHz and implemented according to CW radar technology. There are some innovations in radar image process due to improving recognition and vehicle separation according to OIML R91 standard. This system has succeeded to achieve the acknowledgment of Kharazmi International Festival and confirmation of IROST (Iran research organization for science and technology).

FSC s consists of components such as cabinet, destruction resistance base, night flash pole, day and night flash, power supply, radar, Industrial camera with GIGE output, UPS and Battery, Central controller, IPC and active cooler.

The system is installed on two foundations (Cabinet, base and night flash) and is operated by 220v AC or solar panel. The radar coverage capability is enough to cover four lanes and it is able to detect vehicles through system sight based on vehicles speed. This radar is designed for 24GHz and it is able to recognize the speed from10km/h to 250km/h.

According to improve the image process, some factors such as flash power and camera parameter is adjustable designed in automatic mode of environment light sampling, therefore, it provides the best quality during day and night.
FSC system has serial port, USB and Wlan for data discharging and parameter adjusting. Addition to this, by LAN port, the system can easily connect to any type of modem for data wireless sending or fiber optic network.

According to better performance, FSC is equipped to active cooler (optional) by TEC modules That it fully designed by HNA.

The software such as Persin ANPR software, Web base Data Recovery software (Server/Client) and report and archive software is provided by the system.





Industrial GiGE 5M Pixel (Up to 16M Pixel optional) camera, Electronic shutter 1/12000 for long time use.



CW 24Ghz radar, DSP process (512 Point real FFT) ,4 lane coverage ,under OIML R91 and IEEE C95.1 (safety levels with respect to human exposure)   ,10-250 km/h measurement ,keyboard and LCD for parameter definition , camera trigger connector ,pencil radar beam 16⁰V and 6⁰H

Innovative Radar


Intel Atom N270 1.06GHZ, 1G, 160GB Hard for 120000 record, GiGE, USB , Wlan and LAN interfaces.



Galvanized Iron and pipe with 2 layer vandal proof design. IP65 and 2 type safety keys, Elevator Pole for easy maintenance  ,easy XYZ setting of cabinet at installation process.3.5 meter height

Cabinet and poles


Protected power supply to supply all devices with 1KW UPS and battery storage(optional), Line filter included ,Easy modular PS

Power supply


4 TEC active cooler with stainless steel cover and 2 Fans (heat and cool side) ,12V operated , 300 BTU



2 flash for high quality picture in day and night,220V operated ,PWM power of light control by system, Rate  3 FPS ,2 layer protected Glass , Xenon lamp

Flashes (day / night)


Tow 80x80x80 Foundation.



The system includes fuse for input 220V and terminals for signal and power distribution.



USB flash , Wlan ,LAN and network(optional)

Data Recovery


ANPR software, Web base data management software (client server) optional, management software for report and archive.




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