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Vsense Access Point

Vsense AP is an Access Point system with bilateral wireless connection with Vsense sensors installed under the asphalt and operates as main node in sensor communication network for different applications. In fact we need one Vsense AP for all Vsense applications which via that the sensor network is set up and the Access point is able to receive sensors data and make configuration.

The system input voltage is 12v DC or 220v AC and its power consumption is 4W.  Depends on application, via Vsense AP, the sensors data is sent to central web based software or any other roadside controller for further processing. This system has data saving capability.

Feature and technical specs:

  • Rapid and easy pole installation
  • Omni directional or directive Antenna
  • LAN network data sending capability via RJ45 connector (optional)
  • Sending data on GPRS platform (optional)
  • Saving data on SD memory(optional)
  • No need for calibration or any other adjustments.
  • Firmware upgrading via wireless link
  • Bilateral wireless connection with sensors, Repeaters and roadside cabinet equipment
  • Input power supplying via three phase of red light signal (green, red and yellow 220VAC for optional)
  • Send-Receive link quality measurement
  • Sensor data processing
  • Sensor data buffering on maximum symbol rate ( in order to sensor accurate determining through maintenance process)



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