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Vsense CTRL

The controller Interface system is an intermediate device for digital port connection of any red light intelligent controller which by that it is possible to send data of vehicle presence as Real Time to intelligent red light controller.
This system is operated as node through sensors and Access Point wireless networks and receiving sensors data from Access Point shown the sensor occupancy by vehicle. The received data from Access Point makes the on/off status by isolated switch connected to red light digital controller ports and is operating as Inductive loops or Loop Detectors beside Vsense and Access Point. The system is easily installed inside the red signal intelligent controller cabinet.
Here are many type of controller (Euro size card , stand alone CTRL and Mini-CTRL) that we can offer them regarding the client application.

•    Rapid and easy installation in red light controller cabinet
•    Isolated real time On/Off output for each sensor ( On for vehicle presence and off for vehicle absence or vise versa)
•    24 outputs( Up to 36 outputs switches)
•    Firmware upgrading via wireless link
•    RS485 port(optional)
•    Optional LAN or GPRS connectivity
•    IP65 Case
•    Omni directional antenna for wireless network (it is installed inside the cabinet).
•    Wireless connection with Access Point


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