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Vsense Management Software

In order to traffic management via Vsense sensor by data or statics survey in one hand and sensor management and its accessories on the other hand, the central software and management is essential that via this software it is possible to have bilateral connections to each system and analyze and archived received data. Based on this issue two software, Vsense server and Vsense client are introduced.

Vsense Server
The Access Point system as Main Node in sensor network is able to connect to IP network via LAN or GPRS. By this AP feature, the server software is able to send different commands and receive its data through each AP based on each command after each AP connection. This software assigns varied IPs for several applications for different APs in same network. For instance the management system can easily connects to different applications such as Freeway data collection system, Speed detection and etc via one central server software and adjust the setting regarding to user requirements.
‏In order to this, the system must use Client software as main interface. In fact all APs are able to connect to the server and after that by Client Software in any location on web and with secure connection, the user can monitor connect or disconnect applications in every moment

Vsense Client
The software is connection layer to the user, as the user is connected to server after Login and access control determination and based on these data, the user is able to send different commands such as Configuration command, Data collection command and status check command.
The software interface is graphical and presents the vehicle detection operation by default sensor icons observed by the software. Moreover the sensor location is detectable through Google map or Yahoo map. In special access layer in this software, it is possible to force network to send data with high rate (each 100ms) from X, Y, Z of each Vsense in each application.
Online or offline graph draw for each application or sensor in different time range is another feature of this software. In general the user can achieve useful statics from sensors, APs in each Vsense application.



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