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Vsense Sensor

Vsense based on magneto-resistive technology is able to detect passing vehicles and wireless sending data on Real Time to Access point system installed near by sensors. The installation is implemented inside asphalt surface easily and there is no need for cutting. The only matter needed is making a hole by 4inch diameter and 3inch for depth as it takes just few minutes. The Vsense installation is completely reliable while it will be operated with its internal battery for 5 to 10 years without any fixing or replacing.

•    Easy installation in minimum time
•    wireless sending data on Real Time
•    Measurement, data sending algorithm and protocol by Nano Power
•    Improving installation speed and reducing installation cost comparing to inductive loop
•    Sensor replaceable in just 15 minutes
•    Higher efficiency and reliability to other measurement methods
•    Same accuracy with inductive loop
•    Similar operation in heavy or light traffic conditions unlike image processing technology and radars
•    Resistance to different weather condition unlike image processing technology

Technical features
•    adjustable sample rate up to 250Hz
•    97% Speed measurement accuracy (for more than 80Km/h)
•    Bilateral wireless connection with access point
•    Firmware uploading by wireless link
•    Rugged IP 67 case
•    X, Y and Z axis measurement
•    Self calibration
•    7 Years Average battery life time under operational condition
•    Cylinder with 8 cm diameter and 6 cm height
•    -20° C to °60 C operating temperature
•    Owned special fast network protocol


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