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Speed and red light enforcement Vsense Application

In order to reduce the infraction and the terms of its recording in freeways and highways, the Fixed Speed Enforcement is trustfully system. The system includes components such as:

  • Speed detection sensor
  • High resolution camera for several lanes
  • Image processing unit and its recorder
  • Power supplier
  • Case, cabinet and base
  • Day and night flash
  • Inside cabinet circulation unit

Vsense speed Enforcement is another Vsense application in ITS which has all these components. The system operates based on the sensor data with 97% accuracy and taking color pictures from offensive vehicles with 5Mpixle resolution.
In order to this, two sensors with 6-7 meters distance must be installed in each lane with 250Hz symbol rate. The day and night flashes to achieve higher quality pictures are essential and input power is 220v AC and final power consumption is less than 30W.

The above system is equipped by ANPR software which can detect the plate after any picture taken. The system is able to send taken picture via IP ( LAN or GPRS) or offline mode via Wi-Fi or flash memory.

The system can also detect the offence line and vehicle in case if several vehicles are in same image.

Also , the Vsense sensors can use as red light enforcement sensors in urban beside camera and ANPR. They can install near the outgoing approaches and Vsense Access point can trigger the camera when the vehicles passing during Red signal.



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