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Vision and Mission

Our vision is based on to become one of the leading company in ITS in global market and our mission is design and operate the ITS products based on urban and intra city daily needs and develop the company's marketing.

According to this, our strategy is focused on improving management skills based on R&D department due to improve the level of traffic security and transportation and urban disaster reduction and increasing regulatory agencies control. 

We are committed to keep our service and products always on top level; we believe everybody can sell something and can give service, but how honest and sincere we offer our service and level of our service does really matter. We confidently promise our clients to always offer the latest technology products to them. We are also committed to continuously improve upon all our business activities to be able to provide our Clients with a comprehensive range of high standard performance and most cost-effective products, through our internationally recognized Principals.



Unit 1 , #116, 17th St,

Amirabad Shomali St.,Tehran - IRAN

Website : www.hna-co.com

Email : sales@hna-co.com

Tel:  021-88633136



Fax: 021-56277052

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