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History and References

Hooshmand Namaye Afraz has established on 2003. According to the company's abilities and activities in ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), Houshmand Namaye Afraz as leading company has succeeded to design and operate different products and implement multiple projects.

The main part of company's projects are included design and operate laser speed enforcement plus imaging system, Design , production and installation of fix speed enforcement system, gate speed enforcement system, ANPR ,GPS Bluetooth Logger and Vsense (wireless vehicle detection sensors).

We focused on R&D team during these years and we believe that we can provide the best services and products to our clients.

Some of our projects listed below:

  • Producing more than 1000 PCS of portable laser speed enforcement (RASAD).
  • Producing more than 500 PCS of portable laser speed enforcement (FAVA LASER)
  • Producing more than 300 PCS of last technology portable laser speed enforcement (FAVA LASER II)
  • More than 500 PCS of Vsense and accessories installed in TEHRAN
  • We are installing more than 400 PCS of Vsense and accessories in ISTANBUL
  • 30 Fixed speed radar enforcement installed in 3 highways.
  • 30 ANPR hardwires and Software installed in police plate change service center.




Unit 1 , #116, 17th St,

Amirabad Shomali St.,Tehran - IRAN

Website : www.hna-co.com

Email : sales@hna-co.com

Tel:  021-88633136



Fax: 021-56277052

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